The staff at the RBG strive to serve our customers as best as possible. Despite our best efforts, however, it may be that you are dissatisfied. You will then be able to submit a complaint.

Applicable rules can be found in the RBG complaints policy.

When is it not possible to submit a complaint?

You cannot submit a complaint if:

  • you have previously submitted a complaint regarding the same issue;
  • the issue took place over 1 year ago;
  • you do not agree with a decision by the RBG and you have the option of submitting an objection or appeal to this; for example, a rejection of a request for exemption or objection or if you do not agree with the fees for an overdue payment recovery letter. You will be able to submit an objection/appeal to these kinds of decisions.
  • the issue of the complaint falls under the general policy of RBG; for example, in whose name the assessment is;
  • the complaint is about a general, binding rule; such as for example the rates for certain taxes.
Where/how can I submit a complaint?
How is a complaint handled /What is the complaints procedure?
What if I don’t agree with how my complaint was handled?